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 We are really happy to start selling Shakti activewear! Here's some info on them.....

From Ana Bugarim Santos, owner Shakti Activewear:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is my home. Since I was 13 years old I’ve been fascinated by eastern philosophy. Yoga and arts are my two passions and my background is in arts, publicity, and contemporary dance. I started teaching Hatha yoga in Brazil in 1995 and in 2003 I earned my Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification.
Brazil is famous for colorful exotic bikinis, and in 1999 I started Gold Rio Swimwear, a bikini company, in the USA. For about 4 years I sold bikinis to surf shops on the east and west coast. But that wasn’t my passion. I always follow my heart so in the spring of 2003 I registered for the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles.
The next nine weeks were going to be spent in a hot, sweaty room and I needed to wear something in between a bathing suit and an aerobic fitness outfit. So I came up with several colorful little side string shorts and tops. Since the first day of training my colleagues complimented my outfits. Some asked, knowing about Gold Rio Swimwear, if they could buy some outfits from me. That inspired me to consider a yoga wear line as most people at that time were still wearing long dark pants in a 100 degree yoga room. I looked around everyday and thought; “this room would look much better if people were wearing more colorful and comfortable outfits”.
That September was the first Yoga Expo and Bishnu Gosh Yoga Competition and there were exhibitor booths available. I decided to set up a booth at the expo for my Gold Rio swimwear and with my new yoga wear line.
I had to come up with a name for the yoga clothes as Gold Rio was better for the swim suits. I recalled back in 1992 when the first Earth Summit took place in Brazil. Leaders from different religions and philosophies from all over the world were there. A group of young people from Rio de Janeiro including myself volunteered to work with some charitable groups. I took part in a program that taught meditation and yoga in the slums of Rio.
One of the program leaders was a female monk from India and by the end of the three month event she asked if I would like to receive a personal mantra for meditation and a spiritual name. I accepted so she gave me the mantra, which I should keep secret, and a spiritual name that I could use if I liked. The name was Shakti. I loved it and looking into the meaning of it, I liked it even more because of its meaning — female energy, female power.
I know that other companies have been inspired to make similar outfits (some are making exactly the same designs and even present themselves as a line similar to Shakti). What a compliment! I’m proud to say that if you buy Shakti Activewear you are buying the original. And I promise that I will always try come up with new ideas, designs, styles and fun colors so you can bend, stretch, sweat, live and most of all to grow in your yoga path.
Shakti Activewear is designed using the highest quality Lycra and Airfit Microfiber fabrics that cling to the body and absorb excess moisture. Our sweat through panels are made to allow heat to dissipate quickly keeping the body temperature cooler. Designed for active men and women, these tops and bottoms are perfect for yoga (hot yoga and core power yoga), pilates, biking, surfing, running, and other athletic activities. Simply put, Shakti Activewear is clothing for the modern day yogini. You will see yourself in a whole new light when you experience Shakti Activewear! Value yourself, enjoy life, and live healthy.
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