• New Year, new blog, new adventures!

    "None of this 'new year new me bollocks', last year I was fabulous & next year I'll be fabulous"

    I've been asked on numerous occasions to write a blog about my adventure travelling so the new year is a good time to start!  2018 brought lots of adventures and milestones, we visited Yosemite, Mammoth Lakes, Bishop, Death Valley, Whistler, Las Vegas, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Nappa Valley, Powell River, England, Scotland, Seattle, Kingston (Ontario), Palm Springs, Phoenix, Sedona, Flagstaff & the Grand Canyon. My oldest son graduated from Leeds University with a Masters in Civil Engineering & I turned fifty!!! Here's some of the highlights..

    As many of you are aware, I rented out my bricks & mortar athletic clothing store in Victoria BC after seven years, to concentrate on my online store, in November 2017.
    The same year, I became an empty nester after my youngest of two sons left home to study in Kingston Ontario. It was a very transformative time for me as I had been a very hands on Mum and struggled with the fact that that period of my life had closed.
    With our new found freedom, my husband & I invested in a Big Foot truck camper! We have always enjoyed the outdoors and camping and this was the perfect vehicle to allow us to travel further afield in much more comfort as well as bumming around our own back garden, beautiful British Columbia
    We have enjoyed five trips to the Sierra Nevada area since the the summer of 2017 including Utah, Arizona California & Nevada, there's too many adventures to mention here so I'll share some of the highlights of our trips.
    In November last year we hiked down into the Grand Canyon, camped overnight under the stars then hiked back out. We booked the campsite the day before we left so were lucky to get a spot at such short notice. We found out later this was due to the pack mules having a respiratory infection so lots of people had cancelled. We usually carry our food when tent camping but were delighted to find out that dinner & breakfast could be pre ordered & then served in the ranch at the bottom of the canyon, along with a jug of red wine! Tipsy in a tent at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, brilliant!  We were there early November 2018, it was cooler on the rim but a lovely 20 degrees in the bottom of the Canyon.

    Another highlight in April was hiking from June Lake near Mammoth Lakes to camp 9200 feet above sea level!,_California We invested in a new tent, sleeping bags & mattresses as the ones we had were wedding presents so 25 years old! We packed them in our backpacks with some food & set off on our adventure. There was a lot of snow but we had snow shoes & spikes so were prepared! Or so I thought!

    The snow had banked in parts of the path so we had to kick steps in the snow & traverse across in places, facing the mountain. I found this somewhat challenging as a slip or fall would have resulted in a few broken bones!!! 😩 Onwards & upwards! At dusk we found an appropriate spot to pitch the tent & cook dinner. The view was breathtaking! It was a long night....although we had invested in high quality mattresses & sleeping bags I was very cold most of the night & didn't really sleep much, I was also aware that we were the only people up there so was conscious of any 'animal noises'. I had some ear plugs in (so I can't hear my husband snoring! 😜) and they helped distract from any outside sounds. I remember i messaging my son in the middle of the night (yes there was wifi up there!!) to say how cold I was & him telling me to stop being a wimp! The morning came & because I had been anxious in the night, needed to 'go to the bathroom' really bad! As I had waded through a shallow river on the way up, my hiking boots were frozen solid so I couldn't get them on! I was shouting at my husband in desperation so off he scuttled to 'dig the hole' in advance! I eventually got my boots half on & just made it to the pre dug 'toilet' much to mine & my husband's relief!!! 😂😂

    We went snow shoeing to the summit of Mammoth Mountain at 11,000 feet (3362m) last spring. We set of from an altitude of 8,530 feet (2600m) and took around 3.5 hours to reach the summit. The path was fairly steep and meandering most of the way up until we were  almost at the summit where we joined a black diamond ski run!!! Initially we started to traverse across the slope, watching out for skiers coming from above. As the slope steepened I became more aware that a slip or tumble at this point would result in a long fall to the bottom and a couple of broken bones....or worse! 😩 At this point I shouted to my husband, "stuff this" I'm going straight up the slope & set off. After around 15 minutes of steep incline dodging skiers, we arrived at the top much to the disbelief of the snow boarders there who preceded to clap & cheer in disbelief at what we had just accomplished !! A short walk on the summit and we arrived at the ski lodge where we celebrated with a beer then enjoyed the ride down on the ski lift!

    Watch this space for more adventure stories, cheers! 😘

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  • Teeki - made from recycled water bottles.

    Teeki sells fast. Not only does Teeki have a unique style it is ethically manufactured and environmentally friendly. The durable, quick dry polyester is made from recycled water bottles.

    From the recycling centre bottles are sorted by colour. Labels are stripped. Bottles and lids crushed and chopped into pieces. Pieces are made into pellets. Pellets are melted and extruded into fibres. Fibres are then crimped cut drawn, stretched and baled. The baled fibres are then turned into fabric for a variety of products and uses.

    Another great feature is the price! It’s lower than competitors who outsource labour to factories on other continents. Why pay more when we can buy products made close to home? Shop ethical. Shop local.

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  • Hardtail Forever

     We are one of only three retailers in Western Canada selling Californian Hardtail. It is one of my favourite lines, great if you are looking for cotton... Here's some info on them...We are expecting a shipment next week!

    Founded in Santa Monica, California, in 1991, by Dick Cantrell, this premium sportswear and denim fashion house stands out in the crowd because of its delicious color palette and signature design elements. The classic roll down pant is still the top selling product because of its enduring cut and shape that flatters any body. Hard Tail was conceived on the notion of premium tee-shirts with tattoo-inspired designs evoking that inner rockstar. The evolution of mobility, spirit and color had begun. In 2004, the company began manufacturing a high-end denim line built on the same tenants of quality, style and comfort—you really want to live in these jeans.

    Hard Tail is known industry-wide for having the best “dyeing” process. The deep, rich and fruity colors that created are no accident, but rather a complicated, intricate process that remains a “family secret.” Cantrell’s business philosophy, “always made in the U.S.A.” is a natural progression stemming from his Air Force fighter pilot days. His discipline, determination and true grit are the building blocks of legends—and the building blocks of legendary brands. The Hard Tail revolution hits a high note in May 2005 with the grand opening of its first retail store in Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade, a stone’s throw away from the company’s headquarters. The light, bright and airy environment is more SoHo artists loft than retail store.

    Hard Tail apparel can be found in a plethora of fine department stores and boutiques around the world.

    Focused and intense, businessman Dick Cantrell exudes a fighter pilot cool that is highly creative and positively charged. The lifeblood of Hard Tail’s evolution from sportswear manufacturer to premium denim guru is rooted in the southern California lifestyle and its easy, relaxed, and casual lineage. He is first and foremost a sportswear pioneer who creates clothing that reflects the natural, sexy and sporty individuality of women today. Upon launching Hard Tail 15 years ago, he transcended the original premium tee-shirt by creating tattoo-inspired designs that provided an edgy twist. He never got lost in anyone’s opinion as to what Hard Tail should be.

    Cantrell blew the doors off the sportswear industry 15 years ago with the launch of Hard Tail by turning contemporary sportswear into casual, comfortable and chic urban-wear. “Always made in the U.S.A” is not just a mantra, but a fundamental personal philosophy to Cantrell. His integrity hinges upon keeping the source of his inspiration and construction pure in order to keep standards and quality high.

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