• Why choose Vancouver's Karma Wear?


    Karma believes that every woman and every community deserve all that is possible in life. We believe strongly in honouring and empowering women both on and off the mat.

    Karma is redefining yoga apparel. Think striking details, a mixture of high-performance and elegant après fabrics, and a luxurious colour palette. Inspired by movement, Karma is active performance wear that easily crosses over into head-turning lifestyle apparel. Each piece is expertly designed, constructed and contoured to highlight the feminine shape and enhance what makes women beautiful

    Manufacturing jobs in the apparel industry have dwindled with the rise of overseas production. This is no more apparent than in our backyard of Vancouver. Karma is a Canadian apparel company that manufactures in Canada and the United States. We are committed to using local factories, investing in our community, and keeping local women employed.

    We hope to inspire other local companies, in more than just apparel, to rethink their own practices and bring production back home. It is our core belief that if we practice good karma, others will follow.

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  • Tonic Tennis


    There’s a reason to stop and take notice when a top pro, current or former, loves a yoga brand so much that she wants to bring it to tennis. Such is the story with Martina Hingis and Tonic.

    Hingis was shopping and came across Tonic apparel. She liked what she saw and chose to wear it for an exhibition match at the 2010 Wimbledon. It was love from first swing. Hingis then sought out the brand to make tennis specific pieces. So just what does she find so appealing about this apparel?

    Fit and function - The pieces look absolutely phenomenal on. Part of that is fabric, see below, and the other part is where the seams are (or aren’t), how the straps are constructed, how the fabric drapes and so much more. If you want an expert opinion on how a tennis garment must perform, Hingis, the youngest WTA No. 1 ever, certainly would be a good place to start. She described some of the musts in an interview with the Vancouver Courier. “Around the shoulders and the back, this is where you have to feel comfortable with your stroke. It can’t be restricting. If you’re stretched everywhere, you still have to perform.” (Vancouver Courier, July 29, 2011)

    Fabric - Tonic makes its own fabric, dubbed Libra. The Libra fabric is soft, and the weight is not too light, not too heavy. It’s heavy enough to conceal what it needs to and light enough to wear comfortably on the court (enhancing fit and function).

    Design aesthetic – There are not wild patterns, but the cuts and strap details are so intricate and so feminine that nothing else is needed.

    The result of the collaboration is Tonic Tennis by Martina Hingis. The pieces are sporty and sophisticated. Tonic Tennis sets itself apart in another way. It not only manufactures in North America, but also sources its fabric from a North American mill. Keeping the entire manufacturing process in Canada certainly adds to the price, but the Tonic apparel is worth the extra dollars because the apparel makes you feel good, and we all deserve to feel good about our tennis game and ourselves. And, of course, confidence is priceless.

    Tennis Warehouse.

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  • Mother's Day Shopping!

    Mothers Day is approaching, why not treat her to a gift certificate or some stylish athletic clothing & receive a complimentary water bottle to go with it! Available while stocks last with all in store and online purchases this week....

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  • Nuumuu & Ruumuu Exersise dresses available in store & online!

    Why is everyone raving about Nuu-Muu? Because Nuu-Muus feel as good as they look and perform like a dream. Nuu-Muu dresses are easy care and easy wear which makes them a go-to garment in any wardrobe. Our no-fuss dresses are flattering and friendly to real women's bodies. Nuu-Muus are designed to perform from the trail to the gym and charm everywhere in between. They are crafted for comfort - so you feel good enough to keep going. Nuu-Muus are also perfect for travel, great at the beach and darling at dinner. They layer gorgeously for year-round versatility. There is nothing built in, so you get to choose your favorite undergarments. Bike shorts, running tights, yoga pants, swimwear - Nuu-Muu does what you do.

    Girl Power - They believe in strong girls and women. They believe in real people, real bodies and real friends. They believe in trying really hard. They believe that moments of truth can be extended to lifetimes of truth. They believe in having fun along the way. They believe that you can too.

    Green Living - They believe in riding bikes. They believe in recycled and recyclable packaging and tags. They believe less is more. They believe in hand-me-downs and in products made well enough to last.

    Made in the USA - They believe in limiting our carbon imprint. They believe in supporting our national economy. Every single Nuu-Muu is made in the United States in small batches so you can feel as good on the inside as your Nuu-Muu feels on you.

    Contributing - They believe in sharing. They believe in being engaged members of our communities. They believe in being the kind of company who cares enough to do the right thing.

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  • Made in Canada

     Did you know, most of the items on our website are made in Canada? We're trying to lower our carbon footprint, are you??

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  • Complimentary gifts with online purchases!

    We've updated our website, it is more user friendly! As a thank you for ordering we are offering a complimentary Tonic headband and reusable shopping bag to the first 20 online buyers! Happy shopping!

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