Giving Back


At Breathe Athletic social responsibility and the environment are very dear to us. We are surrounded by the ocean and temperate rainforest, two treasured habitats. With this in mind we pursue products and services that are provided by similarly conscientious businesses.


We first look for merchandise that is locally designed and manufactured, supporting our community and reducing transport needs. The store lights are being replaced in line with BC Hydro’s power smart program to reduce our power consumption.


Throughout the store we have tried to reuse where ever possible, for example most of the shop fittings and IT equipment. We would be delighted if you offered someone less fortunate any tired or forgotten items from your closet.


We use hangers made from recycled cardboard and our bags are made with recycled paper, we encourage you to reuse these bags. We stock garments that incorporate sustainable organic materials such as bamboo or shell fish and accessories made with natural materials such as rubber yoga mats and stainless steel water bottles that we love to see at class.

Businesses We Love

Breathe Athletic would like you to visit our friends :)