Stand Up Paddleboarding


Why Stand Up Paddleboarding?

At Breathe Athletic we discovered that stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is a fantastic way to get out on the water. I started with relaxing floats in the evening, then tried SUP yoga, recently a touring holiday on Quadra and possibly surfing next...!

Anyone with a reasonable sense of balance can stand up and paddle. To get started all that is needed is an adventurous spirit, add water and a board! For those lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest all of these can be found close at hand.

What nicer way can there be to explore our local habitat...

Choice of Paddle Board

I started by renting a SUP from local outfitters experimenting with their different boards. I quickly realised what I was looking for in a board of my own. 

Then I discovered Paiwen! We are delighted to be affiliated with them, please mention us when purchasing your board :)

They are beautiful boards, carefully designed in Vancouver for women, a good fit with breathe athletic's culture.

What to Wear Stand Up Paddleboarding

Breathe Athletic wants you to look and feel your best! Most of our Supplex clothes can be worn for SUP, but I love to wear my Teekis. They have been tried and tested on a recent 3 day expedition, afterwards my Teekis still felt comfortable and retained their shape.

Places we love

I've shared some of our adventures on Pinterest the link below will take you there.