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I have carefully selected, following dedicated research and trial, 
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At the start of 2010 I took a rain check. For the last fourteen years I had focused all my energy on raising our two boys and managing the home. Four years earlier I noticed the strains of life were beginning to manifest themselves in my body’s health. I found rejuvenation in fitness and the outdoors and this became an important aspect of my life. Then autumn 2009 I reached a juncture in my life when the demands of my boys started rapidly waning and I began to look around in earnest at rebuilding my career. I needed to do something for myself. I first put pen to paper early January 2010.

Drawing on awareness gained through international travel and pursuing adventure sports my inspiration comes from the culture and nature I have witnessed. In particular time taken in Wester Ross and the Hebridean Islands, Scandinavia, Alpes-Maratime, Pacific Northwest and Maui. Combining this awareness, previous experience in the sports retail trade, small business administration and home management skills with my passion for exersise I have developed an activewear online business. 

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At breathe athletic we present chic athletic apparel selected to meet the demands of high performance sports activities, provide a style that is sufficiently sophisticated to be worn for smart casual occasions and offers the comfort for daily use. Our product range is selected to complement and enhance esteem; inspiring our clients to pursue a healthy life style.  Sustainability is a core value of our business - most of our products are manufactured in Vancouver and Los Angeles.