Another 'alternative to Lululemon' is another well known Vancouver based company who reinvented themselves last year & created a unique look that distinguished them from the rest. Their inspiration comes from "fashion & movement" & their collections are designed to honour & empower women both on & off the mat.

"Manufacturing jobs in the apparel industry have dwindled with the rise of overseas production. This is no more apparent than in our backyard of Vancouver. Karma is a Canadian apparel company that manufactures in Canada and the United States. We are committed to using local factories, investing in our community, and keeping local women employed.

We hope to inspire other local companies, in more than just apparel, to rethink their own practices and bring production back home. It is our core belief that if we practice good karma, others will follow"

I have been selling Karma for three years now & have built up a very loyal clientele. Customers are delighted with the quality & fit of the product & come back each season to see what exciting pieces are new. Wear their pieces for all activities, dance, Bikram hot yoga, Moksha yoga, yoga, pilates or for going from street to studio for a unique look. is a favourite of mine, a stylish approach to a sports jacket, adding lines & ruffles for a more tailored look. is made from eucalyptus jersey fabric, eco & very soft to the skin, the perfect layering piece. 

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