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  • Teeki Update

    We are still waiting for our Teekis, they have been in Vancouver since April 30th :( Teeki are tracking them from the USA too.  We are hoping they will be here by Friday 9th May. Orders will be shipped out the day they arrive. We appreciate your patience ladies :)

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  • We have an alternative to Lululemon……Canadian made

    Ladies who visit breathe frequently ask for my opinion on Lululemon. I believe this is a direct result of their recent negative publicity. Some would argue that any publicity is good, and therefore intended, however in this instance I don't think it is true.
    I have in the past used Lulu's products, before they took production offshore, and found them very good. These early products are what established Lulu in BC as a brand. Following Lulu's move offshore their products have certainly changed and the general consensus from their orignal devotees, that I meet, is that the changes are for the worse.
    Credit were credit is due Lulu have done wonders to raise the awareness of ladies workout wear globally, getting us out of the grungy tees and into apparel with function and form. But they have never been the only show in town. That is where my journey begins, with choice.
    Living in BC people are very much on the go and the lifestyle wear works extremely well. In fact generally people all over are making excercise an important part of their life. At breathe we aspire to find you the very best in lifestyle apparel that enhances you while respecting social and environmental values in a sustainable way. We are very fortunate to collaborate with fantastic creators, locally in Vancouver like and who have been creating wonderful styles for years and south on the US pacific coast, who are relatively new to the business. This gives us an amazing collection to choose from and help you select the right pieces for each and every occasion.
    Breathe's appeal has been to the adventurous ladies who do not need to follow the crowd, they can discern, select and appreciate tailoring that suits their individual needs working with their bodies to create a personal and uniquely flattering style. We have made many special relationships with beautiful people who we cherish as friends and loyal clientele.
    How Luluemon Athletica Inc. go forward is open to speculation. At Breathe Athletic we set out clear values and have and will remained true to them guiding us forward with your continued support. Thank you.

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  • Moksha Basics

    Until setting out on this blogging adventure I had never done hot yoga. I had avoided it simply because the idea of anything in a hot room did not sound like fun to me. But part of me felt that I should try it in order to give a more educated response to anyone who asks me about my thoughts on hot yoga. I'm glad I did. I started with Moksha Yoga Victoria.

    I’ll admit, I was a little apprehensive; a bit nervous and a very self-conscious. But when I took a look at the classes offered I was a bit shocked. There was quite the variety; Moksha in 60, 75 and 90 minute classes, Moksha Flow, Moksha Music, Yin, Yin Yang, Hot Flow, Hot Moksha Flow and my favourite - Boarders (I love surfing and snowboarding). So where do you start? 

    Well, I am a big fan of yin yoga, so that’s where I started - something familiar. I also figured that since Yin is predominantly seated postures this could be a good way of testing the waters of yoga in a warmer room. While Yin is taught in a warm not hot class the temperature is still higher than traditional yoga studios. The temperature reminded me of doing yoga on the beach on a warm summer day. 

    Still a bit nervous I mustered up my courage and tried a 60 minute Moksha class. I gave myself permission to take Child’s pose or Savasana at any point necessary. Part of my nervousness was due to not knowing what the 40 postures practiced in Moksha. It didn’t really seem to matter. The instructor, Heather, gave easy to follow instructions on how to get in and out of postures and walked around helping people get the most of the posture. Most of the postures are similar to postures taught in Hatha yoga, the oldest form of yoga.

    Apart for the need to wipe sweat off my face and being grateful I had a towel, the heat did not increase the difficulty of the class. I struggled with the same aspects of postures I usually do (I have weak arms that tire easily and a not so strong core). 
    I also began to understand the addiction people have to hot yoga. I had the same exhilaration and endorphin high that I got from running. My lungs felt clearer; my spirit uplifted and an overall sense of accomplishment of doing good for my body swept over me. Not to mention the benefit of sweating assists the body in ridding itself from toxins.

    For those new to Moksha yoga I highly recommend starting with the 60 minute Moksha class and work up to the 90 minute. Once comfortable with the 90 minute Moksha classes test the waters of the hot Moksha Flow or other classes offered. 

    What to Wear

    I will admit that part of my aversion to hot yoga was the clothing; or lack of clothing to be more accurate. I normally practice yoga in a tank top and yoga tights or pants. Wearing nothing but short shorts and a sports bra was not appealing to me but I did it anyway. However other people did not. I was shocked that some women wore capris and tank tops. In my first three classes I tried a variety of clothing options Teeki leggings, Karma bras, and shorts. What I discovered was the less clothing that could stick to my sweaty body the better.

    Some of my favourite options are:

    For more suggestions on what to wear check out the Hot Yoga section of the online catalog

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  • Teeki - made from recycled water bottles.

    Teeki sells fast. Not only does Teeki have a unique style it is ethically manufactured and environmentally friendly. The durable, quick dry polyester is made from recycled water bottles.

    From the recycling centre bottles are sorted by colour. Labels are stripped. Bottles and lids crushed and chopped into pieces. Pieces are made into pellets. Pellets are melted and extruded into fibres. Fibres are then crimped cut drawn, stretched and baled. The baled fibres are then turned into fabric for a variety of products and uses.

    Another great feature is the price! It’s lower than competitors who outsource labour to factories on other continents. Why pay more when we can buy products made close to home? Shop ethical. Shop local.

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