Hardtail Forever

 We are one of only three retailers in Western Canada selling Californian Hardtail. It is one of my favourite lines, great if you are looking for cotton... Here's some info on them...We are expecting a shipment next week!

Founded in Santa Monica, California, in 1991, by Dick Cantrell, this premium sportswear and denim fashion house stands out in the crowd because of its delicious color palette and signature design elements. The classic roll down pant is still the top selling product because of its enduring cut and shape that flatters any body. Hard Tail was conceived on the notion of premium tee-shirts with tattoo-inspired designs evoking that inner rockstar. The evolution of mobility, spirit and color had begun. In 2004, the company began manufacturing a high-end denim line built on the same tenants of quality, style and comfort—you really want to live in these jeans.

Hard Tail is known industry-wide for having the best “dyeing” process. The deep, rich and fruity colors that created are no accident, but rather a complicated, intricate process that remains a “family secret.” Cantrell’s business philosophy, “always made in the U.S.A.” is a natural progression stemming from his Air Force fighter pilot days. His discipline, determination and true grit are the building blocks of legends—and the building blocks of legendary brands. The Hard Tail revolution hits a high note in May 2005 with the grand opening of its first retail store in Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade, a stone’s throw away from the company’s headquarters. The light, bright and airy environment is more SoHo artists loft than retail store.

Hard Tail apparel can be found in a plethora of fine department stores and boutiques around the world.

Focused and intense, businessman Dick Cantrell exudes a fighter pilot cool that is highly creative and positively charged. The lifeblood of Hard Tail’s evolution from sportswear manufacturer to premium denim guru is rooted in the southern California lifestyle and its easy, relaxed, and casual lineage. He is first and foremost a sportswear pioneer who creates clothing that reflects the natural, sexy and sporty individuality of women today. Upon launching Hard Tail 15 years ago, he transcended the original premium tee-shirt by creating tattoo-inspired designs that provided an edgy twist. He never got lost in anyone’s opinion as to what Hard Tail should be.

Cantrell blew the doors off the sportswear industry 15 years ago with the launch of Hard Tail by turning contemporary sportswear into casual, comfortable and chic urban-wear. “Always made in the U.S.A” is not just a mantra, but a fundamental personal philosophy to Cantrell. His integrity hinges upon keeping the source of his inspiration and construction pure in order to keep standards and quality high.

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